The intrinsic dualities of life are deep within us. Masculine & feminine, strength & softness, power & elegance. 

We are everything in one. We are you, you’re us. 

At La tribu we aim to bring all the best of every world. We will give you all the strength & power classes, the movement, mobility, the handstands, the arm balances, the vinyasas, but also the soft & slow, yin, restorative, stretching…

The traditional & the modern. Yoga & movement. Mixed together, to bring you all the colours of the spectrum. 

The body, the mind and the soul. We will take care of every aspect. 

Not only about classes, though. We’re about creating a community of movers, dreamers, artists, seekers & joyful humans. 

We’re the sun, the moon, and everything in between. Whatever you are, you are welcome here.




We will flow with the breath through one asana to another pausing to observe our mind and creat strength and flexibility in the body. Pranayama will reconnect us with our higher self and allow a life force flow freely through the energy channels.



A meditative and slower class where you focus on your breath and hold the asanas for a longer time. We will stretch and target both the deep connective tissues between the muscles and the fascia throughout the body. Awaken your moon-side!



Invirogating & powerful practice, we will move through poses one breath at a time. Finding & creating that inner fire, connecting with ourselves in a fluid practice full of challenging and creative sequences that will end up in the most blissful savasana



Ready to get in touch with your inner octopus, discover the intelligence of your body and start the journey to the wonder within you? This practice will guide you into a deep trippy experience of lymphatic stimulation and slow flow, moving and spiraling within the fascia.



’Kirtan on the Mat’. Movement becomes prayer in this soulful and dynamic class combining mantras, Hatha yoga, ecstatic movement, and Bhakti Philosophy with live music.



Come sweat and breathe deep while challenging your strength, balance and flexibility. Power yoga is a blend of ashtanga and vinyasa yoga combined in a way to empower you. The classes are dynamic and physically rigorous. Although the nature of the practice is physically demanding, the 4 four major points of focus are: * Proper alignment * Mindfulness of physical limits * Deepness of breath * Calmness of mind Suitable to all levels of practitioners, offering modifications for newcomers and including advanced instruction for the seasoned yogis.



Vinyasa based sequence but in the sloth way. We will move through long breathings, finding the waves in the spine, the spirals in the body, the yuminess of moving slow and being aware of every tiny detail. You will get in touch with your energy, connect to your intuition and cultivate grace and presence. Your body will thank you for this.



Gentle yoga practice. This class is for everyone who wants to have a slow, mindful and safe practice with a major focus on right alignment. If you're new to yoga, this class is for you. A beautiful mixture of hatha, vinyasa and restorative yoga.



Hatha-style asanas to mobilize the chest and pelvis in preparation for meditative pranayama.

In order to develop our lungs, increasing our breathing volume and breathing coordination we use the ancient practice of traditional Indian pranayama (Kriya Yoga Lahiri Mahasaya tradition) with special rhythms.

Pranayama in this variation supports a meditative attentive breathing based on our chakras and channels in the body. We will try to slow down our breath and increase the pauses between inhalation and exhalation to change the gas composition of the blood with time (more CO2 and less O2). This will improve the capillary blood circulation, increase the brain’s plasticity and rebuild the work of the brain’s hemispheres.

As a result we'll be benefiting from an opening of special hypersensitivity in the subtle bodies, rejuvenation of internal organs, rebooting of the nervous system, improvement of cognitive functions of brain and an absolutely clear and calm state of mind.​



Soften into touch, playfulness, stillness, and somatic practices, as well as learn the skills and pathways of Contact Improvisation.

Contact is not just dance, but a continuous investigation on movement as a vehicle for present moment awareness, connection, creative expression, and self empowerment.

Ideal for anyone brand new to contact and those who would like to brush up on their skills. No previous experience is required, however some dance or movement background is an asset.



Africa, Jamaica and the Caribbean combined together to bring back the sexy mamacita you have inside. Groove to the beat, squat till your hips touch the floor and feel the burn while having the time of your life. Such a hype!




From asanas to dance. A wave flow of organic movements which return you back to static stillness asanas. We transition fluidly throughout the practice finding awareness in the breath and the present moment. The goal is to find an authentic flow of energy in our physical bodies, a balance between strength and flexibility, water and fire. The methodology is based on: -Vinyasa flow (modern Ashtanga yoga style) -Karana-krama ("Shadow yoga" Shandor Remete) -Axis Silabus (modern authentic contemporary dance) -Animal flow yoga



Let’s explain it easy: flexibility will help you get all those super cool poses we all see around IG but flexibility alone can actually cause an injury quite easily. Remember this: flexibility is passive. mobility on the other side…is the ACTIVE capacity that your body has of using that flexibility. Putting it easy: strength + flexibility combined to get to your maximum range of motion which will make your joints way more stable. So…we’re asking: do you want to have healthier joints (+ overall body) and be able to move like a 16 year old for way longer + increase your performance in any physical activity? Yep, we thought so! See you in class



Do you love handstanding? Arm balancing? Well, this class will help you get there faster. BUT if you’re not into that, you will still love this class. Calisthenics or body weight exercises will make you and your body feel stronger + more functional than ever. Again, not a boring workout. Would you rather strengthen your core with the typical bicycle crunch or hang in L shape from the rings? We’ll always pick the rings… If that’s your answer too, move your a** to class!



Do you want to feel free in your body and improve your mental and physical developmenent? Start by learning from the capoeira masters themselves. Capoeira is one of the bases of the current movement culture. It's a combination of martial arts, acrobatics and flow that increases your overall coordination and body awareness. You'll become stronger and more powerful, getting that same stimuli in your brain, and thus becoming more creative, smart & agile. When your body moves your mind grooves;)