Tantra Body Painting

1PM – 5PM

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Nadya Korotaeva is a Russian contemporary artist living in Bali, working in the directions: abstraction, portraiture and performance. Nadya’s art expresses the state of the soul and colour is her helpmate. Straight and intense.

Colours for Nadya are musical and tactile. She explores how the body reacts to colour. The body is her instrument, and art is her universal language. The contact of the body with paint and canvas allows many sensations to rise, it can be compared with eating food with hands instead of cutlery, the taste of food becomes more real.

Аrtist’s message:

 «Tantra Body Painting is a profound transformation based on my personal experience in performance art. Through the combination of meditation, music and painting, you will reach a special state of catharsis, in which there will be a mental purification and filling with beauty through art.

We invite you, to express yourself brightly and boldly through body painting. Feel like an endless, wonderful creative flow.

You will be able to go beyond the usual framework and realise happiness is within yourself, your uniqueness, versatility and depth.

We invite you to meet the real you. We will follow a proven path, used by artists and create a painting with the body. This will take place in a safe atmosphere, with small steps, exposing the body and soul in a literal and figurative sense – through colour, shape, music, movement. Carefully and slowly we will walk an amazing path together».

(c) Nadya Korotaeva

What will happen during this practice?

You will create your own abstract painting using the body on a large canvas 200×80 cm.

You will learn techniques and rules for combining colours and creating a composition that will open the door to contemporary art for you.

Our special guests Purnama etc. will help you dive deeper into the process of the art session through meditation, music and photography. 

1. We will start with a soft movement practice to land in the space, reconnect to yourself and come back to the here and now. You can touch your own skin, dance slowly to experience your body and soul, follow your sensations etc. This will help ‘melt’ any blocks in your body and being, bringing a liquid flow to places where your energy feels blocked.

2. After we will start the creative part, which will be guided by Nadya: DRAWING WITH EYES CLOSED. It will be a sensual dance with pastel in both hands. You will not see other participants and the result of the drawing. This will help you let go of control, self-criticism to express your state of mind in colored lines.

3. Then we will remove the blindfolds and begin the main part – PAINTING WITH THE BODY.

At the same time our special guest Purnama will be SINGING LIVE FOR YOU. From gentle songs and sounds to awakening deep, almost shamanic, it will fill the atmosphere with inspiration and freedom.

This will be the sacred part. Through the tactile sensation of paint on the body, contact with the canvas, contemplation of colour, expression, you can manifest yourself as a woman, as an artist of your life.

Throughout the art session, Nadya will help, guide and support everyone personally. The result of the process will be your own picture and a strong emotional experience of meeting yourself.

4. At the end of the art session, our talented photographer will take some ARTISTIC SHOTS with you. Your body already in colours will become a piece of art itself and you will have pictures as memories of this colourful day.

5. At the end, we will all sit in a circle together and you can share emotions or be in silence to integrate a new creative experience.

6. The next day when your painting dried, you can take it home and decorate your interior with your own piece of art.

Let’s create and celebrate life together!

This practice is for those who want to:

– Develop through creativity, tantra and meditation

– Find your uniqueness

– Become free and bright, manifest through art

– Find an inner endless source of energy, happiness, pleasure

– Discover new sides of yourself

– Reveal your natural nature, sexuality in a safe atmosphere

– Become a modern artist or try yourself in this role

– Instead of a brush and traditional techniques, paint with a body

– Be liberated, get rid of shyness and shame

– Love your body from head to toes

– Enjoy to create in a female company, feel the support and energy of each other

– Get a new life experience


The whole studio will be rented for you so you will be in a safe container.

*Underwear and clothes CAN be used during the whole practice for you to feel more comfortable.

Location: Uluwatu

Date: May 21st

Time: 1pm – 5pm

Price: 2.300.000

La Tribu Bali

Jl. Buana Sari Gg. Pirta, Pecatu, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, 

Bali 80361, Indonesien

Telephone number: +6281339944763



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