Unleashed Beauty

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“Unleashed Beauty” invites you to reclaim your inherent right to revel in your body, shine brightly, and express your womanhood freely and authentically.

This workshop is for you: when you feel this deep call to claim back your sovereignty over your body, beauty and boundaries. When You feel ready to let go of the past-> transform pain into power and  seek to come back into trust with the masculine.

Have you ever found yourself shrinking to avoid attention or faced jealousy and bullying when you dared to shine? Perhaps you’ve wrestled with feeling like “too much” or “not enough” as a woman, or encountered situations where your beauty felt unsafe around men.

Body shaming, bullying, breached boundaries – these experiences are all too common for women. You are not alone and it’s time we rewrite the narratives that keep us hidden and small, to transform conditioned shame into self-acceptance and love.

Join us in this transformative workshop, where we combine the powerful Theta Healing technique with embodiment practices and coaching. Together, we’ll journey deep into your subconscious, uncovering and releasing the beliefs and patterns that hold you back. Guided by the energy of creation, we’ll create a safe, loving, and grounded space for you to:

🌹 Release conditioned shame surrounding your body and expression of womanhood.

🌹 Discover and transform genetic and collective beliefs that suppress your beauty.

🌹 Heal past wounds of competition, bullying, and betrayal among sisters.

🌹 Reclaim your power from situations where your boundaries were crossed 

🌹 Step out of the subconscious battlefield with men and come back into inner and outer union, peace, and trust with the masculine.

🌹 Restore sovereignty over your body, mind, and spirit – and therefore, your beauty.

In this workshop you have the opportunity to gain more self awareness, transform your past, claim your power back and have an unique opportunity to receive tailored guidance for your path as I will offer a space for Q & A too, where you can ask specific questions regarding your life and I’ll tune in with you.

It’s time to rewrite the stories inside, to remember that beauty is not something to be sought externally but lived from within. It’s time to reclaim your true worth and express your feminine  – safe and free from the inside out. Join us as we journey together toward a deeper, more authentic expression of your beauty and womanhood.

Looking forward to welcoming you in your Beauty.


La Tribu



Bio of your host, Christina:

Christina is an Empowerment Coach, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Master Energy Healer with over 10+ years experience. She is specialized in subsconcious mind reprogramming and helps you to release trauma from the past and turn it into triumph, so that you can fully step into your authentic self, power and purpose.


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…be the first to know about new workshops, classes, events, give aways and so much more.