The passion about moving my body in perfection started when I was an athlete of Modern Pentathlon until my early twenties. After I wanted to share my fascination with other people and studied being a fitness and movement coach. When I did my first 200YTT in Bali, it absolutely changed my life on every level and my love story with Bali began. Well, let’s be honest… Who can resist those amazing waves, tropical vibes and the magical spirit of Bali? 

The most powerful additions to my former practices and teachings have been breath and meditation. I couldn’t stop my curiosity, gave up my former job in Switzerland, returned to Bali as a digital nomad to live there and completed my 500YTT a couple of years ago to deepen my own practice and share it with my students.

In what ever I do, the focus lies on the individual approach: Practice how it feels right for you in the very moment and be open for surprises.