Bringing together the deeply soft and emotional practice of Yin with the uplifting flow practice that invites you to get in irrevocable touch with the voices and needs of your body. It’s this increased intuitive connection that allows us to become more embodied teachers and ultimately, better healers.


This method will teach you to guide your students in ways that are trustworthy, understandable, and actually create a long-lasting impact on their practice. You will support your students to find their greatest teacher within them, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You will empower them to no longer depend on you, but to come to you for inspiration and guidance. You will genuinely help your students become the embodied yogi that completely honours and values their body.


Think traditional Yin mixed with a completely intuitively focused vinyasa flow. This creative practice helps practitioners to become in touch with the sensations of their emotions and stories, offering them a place to find genuine freedom within the mind and body through a simple practice on the mat that quite literally anyonecan learn and do.


These methods and styles of teaching are going to make you an even more well-rounded teacher, giving you what you need to create amazing sequences that leave your students with physical, psychological, and emotional benefits.

power of the practice


This is the practice where the gentle, necessary passiveness of Yin meets the intuitive action of vinyasa, giving space for a transformative journey towards being an even more embodied, authentic, and powerful teacher and healer.


It is up to us to inspire and guide our students to develop their connection to the teacher within them.


This method teaches you to lead your students with authenticity, clarity, and lasting impact. By nurturing emotional awareness and somatic intelligence, you’ll help your students awaken their inner guru. This means that you will learn to let your body relate with you, your emotions humble you, and your Spirit guide you.


There is an art to teaching the dance between intentional, aligned and creative sequencing while listening to the intuitive and gradual needs of the body. This training teaches you to embody this art, on and off the mat.


It’s through this practice that you shift from solely moving on the mat to having a full felt experience. These teachings will leave you and your students in fuller connection to the Heart, the deeper knower and wisdom that resides within us all.

This isn’t just a course, this is a movement of creating coherence and self-understanding between the mind, body, and heart.


Teaching authentically is to be present in the space, as yourself. It's to witness your students and where they are at. It's to tune into the vulnerabilities of the moment. It's to tune into the needs of your students. It's to know yourself through your own practice and allow that self-knowledge to inspire the themes and dedications of your classes.


You will have tools and methods to create traditional yin & modern yinyasa classes that move people deeply and positively impact their mental health and well-being—especially their connection to their physical, emotional, and Spiritual selves. The classes you design after this training will resonate more fully on a Soul level and will target specific areas of the body to cultivate a soft, strong, yet integrateable emotional release. Whether you choose to teach or solely practice this method, your self-awareness and ability to evokve greater self-awareness is going to rise.

Goals of the Training

This method encourages you to get to know parts of the body, mind and heart that you may have otherwise bypassed.

It will open you up to new possibilities solely because you are placed in a position where you will witness yourself for who you truly are as a teacher.

You are so much more than a yoga teacher or a healer. You are a vessel that channels love and brings people back to Self.


There is a difference between a yoga instructor and a yoga teacher. A yoga instructor has a schedule that includes weekly yoga classes they teach. They show up, roll out their mat, give a good sequence, share some wisdom nuggets, leave and then... are completely disembodied. They don't practice what they teach. They just teach. A yoga teacher, on the other hand, embodies the teachings, strives to be better, admits to being human, and seeks to be on the path of yoga. It's this embodiment work that makes us yogis trusted teachers and healers.


You will also learn a meditation technique similar to Vedic meditation, which will support you on your path both as a student and a teacher... this practice completely changed the lives of so many people (myself included of course). I'm especially excited to share this with you.

what's covered



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…be the first to know about new workshops, classes, events, give aways and so much more.